Cisco HyperFlex upgrade targets cloud infrastructure

There’s a lot more Cisco software packed into the latest HyperFlex update, and analysts say it will simplify data centre operations.

Cisco recently introduced the 3.0 software release for HyperFlex, which combines storage and data services software with the Cisco Unified Computing System. Other new features include support for Microsoft’s Hyper-V virtual machine. The company also said the latest update can now scale to 64 nodes.

The update’s design guides are available for mission critical databases, analytics and ERP applications, such as Oracle, SQL, SAP, Microsoft Exchange, and Splunk.

The news came on the heels of Cisco announcing it was looking to acquire Skyport Systems Inc., a privately-held company that provides businesses with cloud-managed, hyper-converged systems. The terms of the purchase are confidential, according to a blog post from Cisco.

Cisco announced an expansion of its Cisco Capital Easy Pay program, and a new piece of boardroom technology called the Spark Board built around its Cisco Spark platform in 2017. It also took a bigger stand on security and automation on the cloud.

According to IDC’s July 2017 CloudView Survey, 85 per cent of respondents are evaluating or using public cloud. More than 87 per cent of current cloud users have taken steps towards a hybrid cloud strategy and 94 per cent plan to use multiple clouds.

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